Cancellation / Return Policy

Before proceeding to checkout using our e-shop or for any purchase on our store, we highly recommend to you to read the following terms and conditions which apply specifically to Legno Doors’ purchases only concerning the use of the products being bought.

You have the right to cancel your order, in the following cases:

Before the Order has been completed, any moment during the electronic process of your Order you have the right to withdraw pressing the “Step Back” button that you can find on the bottom of your screen. In any case you are on the last stage of your Order you can press the “Cancel” button that will appear to you on a different window for confirming the Order, so that stopping thoroughly the purchasing process. By clicking on that box the current purchasing process is automatically interrupted and you can continue browsing on Legno Doors’ website.

After completing the electronic Order, but this being “on pending” status, you can contact us with all available means of communication (calling our telephone number, sending an e-mail, submitting a form) and one of our operators will handle the cancellation of your order, which so far hasn’t been processed and sent to the production for constructing. The process of your order is fulfilled in a promptly manner, within the next working day from the moment we receive it, with the exemption of some very rare occasions (i.e. Terms and Conditions & Product Delivery). After this stage of the order confirmation we cannot change or modify your order.

The exemptions are products such as locks, handles, door closers, locks’ cylinders and all other products that are not constructed according to specific individuallised guidelines (specific dimensions, turnings, colours and more) or with guidelines and specifications that the client has requested and in any case when the product has been altered by a third party. Then, the customer keeps the right to cancel his order until the shipping day of the product.

All transactions associated with a credit card or other electronic transactional means, cannot be refunded in cash and the refund of each amount of money is being handled with the exact same method determined on the purchase itself. Side note: In case of bank commissions set on each transaction, we are not held responsible for this extra charge and this amount is not refundable.

After the product delivery, the customer meeting with all above requirements set by our policy taking into account the nature of each purchase, keeps the right to withdraw from the contract, without necessary finding an excuse for that. The client cannot withdraw according to the exemptions, as those are described and elaborated on the article (i.e. 3ιβ του ν.2251/94), as that has been legislated by the Greek government.

Especially, keeping the right of product returns -that have been purchased- accompanied by the filled-out and signed ‘Product Return Form’ with the Receipt or Invoice of the purchase itself and requesting the refund of the equivalent amount of money, needs to be exercised solely within the next (14) fourteen calendar days from the products delivery date. The returning of the products needs to be ahead of the refund. When we receive the return of your order, we will contact you confirming that we have received your parcel. The returning of your amount of money is usually completed between (5) five and (10) ten working days from the day that we receive the products. Nonetheless, the company cannot be held responsible for that timescale, which is set and handled according to the signed contract between the client and the bank institution, each time. For practicing the right of withdrawal, you should notify us through a clear and signed written statement of your decision that you are withdrawing from the current contract.

The items’ return can be accepted only after the company’s approval, with the basic requirement that before that; the client has paid-off the shipping expenses of the purchased products. This amount of money associated with the shipping expenses is not refundable.  In case where the shipping amount has not been paid fully to the common carrier, our company will add this amount to your bill. The client has also the responsibility to return the item in a perfect condition, as that has been received. More in detail, the item needs not to be used (especially not to open the packaging or modifying any part of it) and being in a condition, exactly as that was before its sale, in order the company to be able to re-sale this. In case, where it is discovered that the product or part of it has been returned damaged or missing some of its parts, the company keeps the right to decline the refund request.

An exemption is granted on products that have been delivered as defective or being in a bad condition from the beginning, where the company has been notified immediately after the product delivery via an e-mail and has received pictures of the product being in that condition. The defective product can be replaced with the same kind of model or a similar one of its category following an agreement and a direct contact between the client and the company; although you cannot request a refund on the product itself. Last but not least, only in case of a corporate’s fault or of a defective product the company covers fully the extra charge of the shipping expenses of this particular product.