• Security doors: 7 – 15 calendar days
  • Interior days: 15 – 20 calendar days
  • Locks, Defenders: 1 – 7 calendar days
  • PVC apertures: 20 – 30 calendar days
  • Rolling shutters: 7 – 15 calendar days
  • Screens: 7 – 15 calendar days
  • Kitchens, Closets: 20 – 30 calendar days

Special note: Projects related to finishings or materials and colours of special application (for instance hand engraving security door, special wood imitations for pvc products and more), require more days for the construction to be completed, resulting in extra time of the completion of the proposed project, based on the above estimations.  

You can complete any kind of payment to Legno Doors following the below available methods:


  • Cash with the deposit to be 30-50% and payoff with the delivery of the products

Debit/Credit card

  • Use of debit and even credit card Visa, MasterCard, Maestro with installment payments

With up to six (6) interest-free installments you can now make your purchases for any kind of product among our range using your credit card. If you are the owner of any of the following cards: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro you can now benefit from this interest-free installments policy that Legno Doors offers to you.

Use your cards for each and every product you desire and pay interest-free with installments!

This up to 6 interest-free installments have been calculated based on the below scale*:

For purchases worth:

        • 600€ – 1.199€ up to 2 interest-free installments
        • 200€ – 2.099€ up to 3 interest-free installments
        • 100€ – 3.699€ up to 4 interest-free installments
        • 700€ – 5.899€ up to 5 interest-free installments
        • 900€ and higher up to 6 interest-free installments

*This installment scale has been calculated based on the final value the products (including the VAT).

Bank deposit

  • Money deposit via bank account transfer with the deposit to be 30-50% and payoff with the delivery of the products, again using the bank transfer in the account of the company.

No. Legno Doors is in a position to offer free-of-charge basic services, in regards to the purchased product for you even after the purchasing itself. Even more so, today we offer extension of these offered services acquiring one of the available warranty packages. For more information in terms with the related warranty packages click here.

Certainty. Legno Doors is in a position to handle the technical issue, even for products that aren’t included in the range. The technician will pay you a visit and the charge won’t happen unless the product is fixed.

The technician will pay you a visit, in order to make sure of all the necessary information that we need to proceed, in a day and time of your choosing and the Offer can be received by you either via e-mail or by stopping by at our premises.

Of course.  Legno Doors’ services cover and satisfy every aspect of technical works in renovation field of private or business estates, without being limited to small projects and needs.