PVC-U is by definition the strongest and most popular choice in today’s market. It is, particularly, an affordable option proving to be a high thermal insulation solution. It consists of a synthetic material that can be exposed into any kind of weather conditions. GEALAN S 8000 IQ is engineered in Germany by the PVC-U profiles group provider ‘VEKA’ and KÖMMERLING70, KÖMMERLING76 or KÖMMERLING88+ are respectively by ‘PROFINE’. Which can be combined by low emissivity (Low:E) glass made by the French producing glass company ‘SAINT-GOBAIN’. The series: GEALAN S 8000 IQ, KÖMMERLING70, KÖMMERLING76 and KÖMMERLING88+ can be made as either opening systems or with VW operation, whilst the KÖMMERLING PREMILINE can be manufactured as a sliding solution. The colours one can choose for a PVC-U is White and different Wood imitations.