Purchase terms

Legno Doors keeps the right to change, remove or unilaterally modify the present terms and conditions’ purchases in regards to the transactions concluded via Legno Doors’ store or e-shop, without further warning, just notifying its visitors with a relevant update of the new revised terms and conditions on the website of the present e-shop. With the only exception referring to orders that are currently in process or have not yet completed.


Payment terms

Thirty (30%) to fifty per cent (50%) deposit on the validation of the order, with the rest amount to be handed with the completion of the works. For other services (with the exclusion of material purchase) the corporation can, at its own will, to be paid fully on the day of the project’s fulfillment.



Deposit is not refundable (unless the contract states otherwise) and it is reckoned as a positive and undeniable acceptance of the Offer and any other related documentations such as Technical Reports that accompany the first document, with the terms to be specified on the inside of it. In case, where the project’s construction has not yet begun due to client’s fault and it is about to be cancelled, the company keeps the right to return 80% of the deposit. This amount of money should be received by the client solely within 14 calendar days from the moment the company accepted it.



 Our products’ prices and services remain the same in both of our distribution channels: store and e-shop. However, even if Legno Doors is committed to being as accurate as possible as to the quality and validity of the information provided on the website, it does not guarantee its success. That is to say, there is a possibility where the company has not yet completed the updating of the new revised prices on its website during a short period of time, resulting to a differentiation in prices between the store and the website. This is the reason why, for any clarification, it is highly recommended to contact the company directly via all available means of communication for assuring the validity of prices and solving all queries you might have.



The company can take under consideration a discount on the original product prices with the condition that this amount of money will be granted fully paid in cash and within a pre-arranged timescale (delays on the payments will lead automatically to cancellation of the discounted plans).


Signing of Corporate Documents

In cases where the measurement, with or without the inclusion of the installation, is asked to be handed to unauthorized individuals, not belonging to company’s personnel, the respective documents of ‘Measurement Form for Client’ are signed by the person in charge; taking all responsibilities for the construction of the product which will be send to the production (i.e. Dimensions, Turn etc.)



When the actual product measurements differentiate to an important extent from the ones written down on the Offer documentation (including the one of the Technical Report, when this is available); presented to the client, the company keeps the right to modify these prices respectively in favour of the real and actual new dimensions of the products that have been costed.



In the event that the customer chooses to purchase (a) product/products without the inclusion of installation process, however, upon delivery of the materials, the inclusion of the installation work is requested -i.e. modification of the agreement- (in addition to the extra monetary cost which will arise and will need to be paid in advance of the work that is going to be carried out by the company’s personnel), the company reserves the right to refuse to install the specific product(s); in question if it is found out that the materials or products have been removed from their packaging.


Works Validation

From the finalising moment of the works’ completion, including the installation of the products, client gives the positive feedback and confirmation that the project has been finished, through that it is acknowledged that all the completed works meet with the necessary requirements of good use reporting no damaging. Any kind of visible damage reported after this time and not being related with the product’s malfunction and manufacturing defect, will be considered as a provoked by a third party action or an incident/accident that is being far from the common and accepted product use. Such damages cannot be covered by the basic product warranty.



For a detailed report in regards to the warranty packages, for instance: What do they include and for how much time click here.


Warranty’s Validation

The product’s(s) warranty does not cover damages caused by a partly or thoroughly misuse of the installed product. The warranty is also not valid when the product care or maintenance has been done from an unauthorized person not belonging to Legno Doors team.


Colour Tones

Small colour deviations in regards to the tones can be noticed among all available product categories (i.e. Apertures, Doors etc.). Colour deviations of products can even become visible in cases referring to the construction of the same product in the future (i.e Veneer Interior Doors).


Features and product Prices

The company keeps the right to change or modify some of the products’ features and prices in a continuous attempt to upgrade them.



The corporation keeps the right of changing and altering the delivery date of the products from the first works’ estimation. In case, where the client has requested after a time to change or delay the installation of the products, this delay cannot over exceed twice the time that has been required for the specific product to be constructed. For instance: An Interior Door with a timescale of 10-12 days cannot to be delayed for more than 25 days.

Last but not least, in the event that the customer is late in completing the required work for the Project that is set as a condition for the installation of the products he/she has ordered from the company or for any reason wishes to re-arrange or delay or postpone the installation or delivery of its products, the company does not bear any responsibility for any further delay in their delivery/installation. Since, the customer was initially informed and given a notice by the company to schedule the relevant delivery/installation of the products of the order and refuses, the company at this time releases itself from any form of responsibility for delivery within the original time frame that was pre-agreed between the two parties.


Damaged product

In the event that any type of damage is observed on the product itself that has been ordered and it has not been reported until the installation process is completed, the corporation does not bear any form of responsibility for this matter. In fact it is very important, for our good and fair form of cooperation, if the customer notices that the product that has been ordered has been damaged and it is not related to the functionality of the product itself; that the report of such matter has been delivered not after the company’s personnel leaves the working premises. The company can take into account the customer’s statement when that is proven through clear visual photographic material, that needs to be sent to the email address info@legnodoors.gr or alternatively to the provided contact telephone number of the company through the ‘Viber’ application. After the technicians leave such premises, the company cannot be hold responsible anymore. In the case of a ‘Trading Cooperation’ (with the installation to be excluded as part of the deal), it is also guaranteed that any damage on the product should be acknowledged to the company (as described above) not after the driver who was present at that time; delivering the products to the customer, either on the pavement outside of the property/building or otherwise when the customer chooses to leave when the delivery takes place in our storage facilities.



The client becomes the solely accountable for granting any possible permits that need to be presented before the confirmed day of the delivery of the project, unless the company has been informed otherwise.


Preparation before the Installation

It is in client’s responsibility to take all necessary precautions and pre-works (floor or wall coverings, electricity supply, protective coverings on the furniture, removal of fragile objects and more), before the actual day and time where the company’s technicians are going to pay a visit for the completion of the works.


Offer’s Validation

Each and every Offer and Pricings drawn up and granted in the name of each prospective client, have a validity of a maximum thirty (30) calendar days. With the exception of products and materials revaluations.


Work Beginning

The beginning of the works for the products’ construction is determined on the next working day from the finalising moment of the dimensions when measuring products; having (of course) arranged the proper amount of money for the deposit of the project. Only in few exemptions the customer keeps the right to postpone temporarily the construction works. Useful information for an estimated delivery of a project can be found on documentation of the Offer granted to the client (or differently you can take here a look).



General Warranty Terms and Conditions


  1. Warranty of good use is valid with the condition that has been signed or stamped by a Legno Doors’ representative recognised by the official trademark of the company, as with its other official information.
  2. The warranty’s validity begins from the day that the purchase take place and its duration is determined based on the nature of each product.
  3. The right to use the service of warranty’s extension is granted to all of our customers within 14 days from the moment the purchase takes place to products that include specific warranty packages and as long as the products haven’t been delivered to the customer yet.
  4. The warranty is only valid with the condition that the product has being used under normal operating conditions and has been maintained; solely under the parameters of common use.
  5. The warranty is not valid in case of damage or harm of the product itself due to external reactions.
  6. The warranty expires in any kind of a third party involvement. Provoked by a third party action or an incident/accident that is being far from the common and accepted product use.
  7. The company cannot be held accountable for any kind of product damaging provoked during its transportation by unauthorised individuals.
  8. The warranty is paused from the moment the ownership of the purchased products is handed to a third party.
  9. A condition for the warranty to be in effect, is not to alter or remove part of the product. All necessary repairs or involvements on the product are executed by the authorised personnel.
  10. The present warranty covers an extra replacement or repair for only one time (per piece) within the validity period of the service package.
  11. The associated discount with the ‘Replacing the Laminated Finishing’ can be applied on the each time available colours among the range of the company’s colour chart.
  12. The service of ‘Handles Replacement’ is granted for replacing the handles or handle (based on the functionality of the purchased aperture each time) solely for the exact kind of a handle delivered with the aperture during its purchase, without providing a replacement to a ‘HOPPE’ handle.
  13. The service of ‘Discount on Shutter Replacement’ is granted for the same model of Rolling Shutter (i.e. Top-Mounted) with Box and Blades of the same constructional material.
  14. The service of ‘Discount on Rolling Shutter’ can be provided solely to Apertures that at that time have not been accompanied by any kind of Rolling Shutters.
  15. The service of ‘Discount on Glass Upgrade’ is granted for double glazing Low:E glass replacement, 4 millimetres + 4 millimeters (4+4 Glass) into 4 millimetres + 5 millimetres (4+5 Glass) or into 4 millimetres + 6 millimetres (4+6 Glass).
  16. Free Transport expenses are fully covered by the company on the basis of the size and the nature of the project; calculating between the area the company is based in (Thessaloniki’s Centre) and the project’s location. However, in any case where an extra charge for transport expenses have been added during its products’ purchase, then the company will also charge this amount to the client for this technician’s extra visit.
  17. The Free Visits can take place from Monday to Saturday in correlation with the store Opening Hours (excluding Public holidays and National days).
  18. Regardless of the prevailing circumstances expiration date of the warranty packages cannot be extended.
  19. After the reparation is completed, the warranty is not renewed.
  20. The sales are final and a warranty package return, change or withdrawal cannot be requested.
  21. In the event that is established (by a member of the company) and confirmed by the corporation itself that the customer has badmouthed or criticised in a written manner publicly the company’s personnel, goods or services (i.e. defamation), the company reserves the right to withhold and not fulfil of the purchased warranty package; which is subject to a specific product or service.
  22. For using each of the acquired service the Receipt or Invoice of it needs to be displayed accompanied by the purchased warranty package.
  23. Twisting the above warranty terms and conditions cannot be occurred in a written or verbal manner by any individual, authorised or not.
  24. By signing the present contract, the client accepts and comply with the terms of the provided service for the particular product being bought and displayed on each of the warranty package.
Warranty Provisions

As long as an incident has been established justifying a warranty claim, we are in a position to offer, at our discretion, compensation on the following terms (based on each product):

  • Product replacement
  • Product repair

By signing the present contract on the __/__/__, the client accepts and comply with the terms of the provided service for the __________________ product (___ pieces) of the __________________ warranty package.