Delivery Policy

Product Delivery – Shipping

Before proceeding to checkout using our e-shop or for any purchase on our store, we highly recommend to you to read the following terms and conditions which apply specifically to Legno Doors’ purchases only concerning the use of the products being bought.

Shipping Expenses

Big parcels: FREE DELIVERY in any common carrier that you have picked, inside Thessaloniki, on orders FROM 120€+VAT*

* For purchases between 50€ and 110€ an extra charge of 10€ for each package is added.

Small parcels: The shipping expenses are estimated and calculated based on the zip code stated during the order registration and is valid for products that do not exceed the maximum of 2kg per package.

Large parcel delivery

For all orders associated with products of big parcel delivery for instance: Interiors and Security doors, Windows or Screens the company can deliver them free of charge to the common carrier of your choosing each time, including the packaging of them as well and is located in Thessaloniki region. The cost for delivering products from the common’s carrier location to your place is agreed and paid fully from you directly to the carrier.

For deliveries inside Thessaloniki, when installation is excluded from Legno Doors, and following an agreement with the company we offer direct deliveries to specific locations such as homes, if that is possible, or to the closest pick-up point. The deliveries are handled by the driver and being left on the pavement, outside of the property/building. For deliveries on the inside of buildings such as specific floors or rooms an extra charge is added which also results to a limited availability, whilst this task is not handled by the driver itself.

Small parcel delivery

For all orders that do not weight more than 2kg for each item and installation is not included, the shipping expenses can be calculated based on the following table:

  • In-store Pick-up: Free of charge
  • Inside Thessaloniki: 7€/2kg
  • Outside Thessaloniki: 12€/2kg

Dates and times of delivery

Thessaloniki’s Common carries

The available days and times for products of big parcel delivery are from Monday to Friday starting from 09:00 till 15.00.

In-store Pick-up

The available days and times for in-store pickups for small parcel delivery are in correspondence with the opening hours of the store after the client is being notified by the company for his pick-up.

Estimated delivery time

In the estimated timescale of the large parcel delivery products via common carriers, the time that is requested for dispatching each item from our company and delivering this to each receiver/client, depends on the work load of each carrier and other related factors that can contribute to this. Our company can only be held responsible for the timing requested to deliver these items only to the carrier and likewise cannot be held accountable for any sort of delays noticed from any moment after the item has been delivered to the carrier (i.e. agreement between the client and the carrier).

In the estimated timescale of the small parcel delivery products the shipping is handled by ELTA Courier, which can be solely held accountable for following this time frame. Side note: For items inside Thessaloniki the delivery is up to 2 working days, outside of Thessaloniki the delivery is up to 3 working days and for remote areas the delivery is up to 5 working days. Nonetheless, you can track your order via your tracking number that is provided to you from the carrier locating the object each time.

Late delivery

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

The product has been delayed to be delivered by our supply chain, which practically means that either this remains on the production process for a longer, than the estimated, timescale or that there is a shortage on only one part or to the whole of the product itself and it is declared a comparative delay on the delivery of it.

The product has been discontinued and is not available anymore, in association with certain guidelines (size, dimensions, colours and more) in manufacturing some products. Among a wide range of choices: for instance designs that can be selected in different kind of sizes and dimensions each time, we cannot guarantee that all choices remain always available. Where the supplier may suddenly and unexpectedly announce a product or a series of products is discontinued. This, unfortunately, can be occurred even after some days have passed from the beginning of the order. In such, quite rare, occasions the operator will contact the client directly in order to provide all available alternative solutions.

Periods of strikes, in any unpredictable events (force majeure) or extreme weather conditions, including each situation that has a direct effect and influence in the smooth processing of the order.

Impossible verbal (calling them or finding them in person) or in writing (e-mail or SMS & social media messages) client communication, with the company being unable to talk with the involved client for arranging the products’ installation, possible unclear things that require their sayings or any other kind of information necessary to be provided by the latter.

Our company is handling solely shipping and not delivery for products outside of Thessaloniki.